We’re pleased to announce that SOSV HAX will build a state-of-the-art new facility in Newark, New Jersey, effectively doubling down on HAX’s work with founders in industrial, healthcare, and climate tech. SOSV’s partner in the five-year, $50 million project is the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), which — like SOSV and HAX — is committed to the rapid re-industrialization and decarbonization of the United States. This opportunity brings incredible promise to our founders and the future of HAX, as the HAX team explains eloquently in a post on their site. …

Founders know, a solid story about your company in a credible publication is incredibly valuable. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to attract investors, employees, customers, and partners. Getting those first stories in the press — and keeping up that cadence as your company develops — is vital for a startup’s trajectory.

Not surprisingly, one of the most frequent questions that startup founders ask is: How do I get media coverage?

On Friday September 17, we are hosting an event for SOSV Founders called How to Get Press. During this two-hour live event, you’ll get insights from major…

A startup ecosystem event to address the planetary “red alert”

Last month was the hottest July in recorded history, and two weeks ago the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report that the UN Secretary General called a “red alert” for the planet. One reason for that alarm is the report’s conclusion that current global commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will not, on their own, arrest the climb in global temperatures.

These unnerving developments are bound to intensify the efforts of the climate-driven founders and investors in the vanguard of technology-driven solutions to save the planet. …

Bees fertilize crops accounting for roughly a third of food that winds up on your plate. That’s why researchers worldwide are alarmed at the rate in which these pollinators are disappearing -a phenomenon due, in part, to widespread pesticide use on crops. Pesticides contaminate 98 percent of wax and pollen in U.S. hives, slashing bees’ immunity against deadly pathogens and mites.

Meet Beemmunity at IndieBio New York Class Two Demo Day on Tuesday June 22, 2021. RSVP here.

Now, New York-based Beemmunity , part of New York class two, has developed a pollen-sized antidote: microparticles mixed with pollen patties or…

IndieBio New York recently hosted a virtual event, “Unexpected Biotech: Innovative Technologies Emerging from New York Life Sciences,” to showcase the many ways in which New York startups are using biology as technology to solve problems.

Watch the full recording here:

You can also review some of the sessions below.

Manufacturing in the New Bioeconomy

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a radical shift. Hear how New York is leading the change in bioproduction.


  • Stephen Chambers, SOSV
  • Stuart Wilkinson, BioBrew
  • Will Canine, Opentrons

Building Greener with Biology

Biotech creates the opportunity to build a more sustainable infrastructure and eliminate our dependence on petrochemicals. …

Dear friends of SOSV,

The big excitement this past month was our launch of the SOSV Climate Tech 100, a list of SOSV’s top companies addressing climate. They are graduates of SOSV’s IndieBio, HAX and Chinaccelerator programs, and the list was a big eye-opener in the VC and climate tech worlds. TechCrunch called out the financial stats: SOSV has invested $89 million in the 100 and the companies have raised $2 billion in total for a current valuation of close to $6 billion — a number that is growing fast.

For more than a decade, SOSV’s founder and managing partner, Sean O’Sullivan, has been putting venture investing to work in support of climate tech startups.

It wasn’t until last month, however, that we looked across SOSV’s five accelerator programs(1) to build a list of all our investments in climate tech. We decided to highlight a core group by creating the SOSV Climate Tech 100, a list of SOSV’s top companies addressing what we believe is the one of the greatest challenges facing mankind.

When we sharpened our pencils to look at the Climate Tech 100’s investment results, we were pleasantly…

It’s been a busy month for the SOSV portfolio that featured big news ranging from NFTs to “molecular spirits” to seaweed-based yarns, to COVID testing. We’ll catch you up on all that and more below.

Of special note, Sean O’Sullivan, SOSV’s founder and managing general partner, made a splash on TechCrunch in a piece arguing for a 10x funding increase in the remarkable SBIR program to help startups address climate change and nextgen manufacturing. Read more…

And biotech fans, don’t miss IndieBio NY’s big event May 11 with some of the top names in the field. Register now.

We hope…

Moona’s smart pillow helps regulate pillow temperature for a full night of sleep.

This year on World Sleep Day (March 19, 2021), five sleep experts joined HAX moderator Garrett Winther on a panel to discuss what (literally) keeps people up at night and how hardware solutions can improve the quality and quantity of sleep. The panelists included:

Panelists agreed that the problem with sleep-focused wearables and apps is that they only provide data patterns — not solutions for a better…

Did you know that more than a third of the companies in SOSV’s portfolio have at least one female founder? We’re very proud of all our founders, but on March 8th, International Women’s Day, we celebrated the women in our portfolio by hosting a panel with Vu Van of ELSA (upper left), Neha Suyal of Woovly (upper right), Maria Solveychik of SyntheX (middle), and Shelby Yee of RockMass Technologies (lower right).

The panel was moderated by Gwen Cheni (lower left), who recently joined SOSV as a principal partner at IndieBio.

The founders discussed the lessons they had learned as founders…


We are HAX (hardware), IndieBio (life sciences), Chinaccelerator/MOX (cross-border internet), and dlab (blockchain).

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