It’s been a busy month for the SOSV portfolio that featured big news ranging from NFTs to “molecular spirits” to seaweed-based yarns, to COVID testing. We’ll catch you up on all that and more below.

Of special note, Sean O’Sullivan, SOSV’s founder and managing general partner, made a splash on TechCrunch in a piece arguing for a 10x funding increase in the remarkable SBIR program to help startups address climate change and nextgen manufacturing. Read more…

And biotech fans, don’t miss IndieBio NY’s big event May 11 with some of the top names in the field. Register now.

We hope…

Moona’s smart pillow helps regulate pillow temperature for a full night of sleep.

This year on World Sleep Day (March 19, 2021), five sleep experts joined HAX moderator Garrett Winther on a panel to discuss what (literally) keeps people up at night and how hardware solutions can improve the quality and quantity of sleep. The panelists included:

Panelists agreed that the problem with sleep-focused wearables and apps is that they only provide data patterns — not solutions for a better…

Did you know that more than a third of the companies in SOSV’s portfolio have at least one female founder? We’re very proud of all our founders, but on March 8th, International Women’s Day, we celebrated the women in our portfolio by hosting a panel with Vu Van of ELSA (upper left), Neha Suyal of Woovly (upper right), Maria Solveychik of SyntheX (middle), and Shelby Yee of RockMass Technologies (lower right).

The panel was moderated by Gwen Cheni (lower left), who recently joined SOSV as a principal partner at IndieBio.

The founders discussed the lessons they had learned as founders…

Biomaterials are an exciting area of biotech with impact on sustainability across multiple sectors. The convergence of accessible science tools and the climate crisis demands innovative solutions to both create garments using greener technologies, and to design an environmentally-friendly end to a garment’s life.

SOSV’s IndieBio accelerator gathered industry experts and company founders for a a conversation about the life cycle of biomaterials. Read our summary of the conversation below or rewatch the event.

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The question of building a better biomaterial depends on its definition: better can be hard to…

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since SOSV general partners Sean O’Sullivan and Cyril Ebersweiler launched Chinaccelerator in Shanghai. In that time 187 companies have rocketed through the program, including BitMEX, the first unicorn (a decacorn, actually!) to rise from an accelerator in China, and many other fast movers including Snapask and Shopal. SOSV general partner William Bao Bean and partner Oscar Ramos manage the program today, and the focus is to help enterprise software startups from around the world enter Asia. Enjoy this anniversary video that captures the winning, family spirit of Chinaccelerator.

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Explore the “New Biotech” with the IndieBio team and learn how we can re-imagine, re-materialize, and rebuild the world together

View the event here:

“The New Biotech” with IndieBio: Jun Axup, Maya Lockwood, Pae Wu, Julie Wolf, Parikshit Sharma

As a traditional natural science, biologists used microscopes to better understand the human body. “A lot of therapeutics have been observations through nature, like finding a tree bark and turning that into a drug,” IndieBio CSO and Partner, Jun Axup explained. Yet as we continue to integrate technology into biology, we’re able to redesign and reengineer our very nature.

“Over the last 70 years, we have really perfected the ability to read, write, copy, cut, and paste DNA,” Axup continued. “Pretty…

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Dec. 21, 2020 — The groundbreaking former TechCrunch COO Ned Desmond is joining SOSV as a senior operating partner, the firm announced today. Desmond will drive SOSV’s rapidly expanding operations, including accelerator alumni programs, marketing and communications.

“Thanks to our five accelerator programs, the SOSV portfolio now includes over 1,000 startups,” said SOSV’s Founder and Managing General Partner Sean O’Sullivan. “As founders graduate from these programs our goal is to help them raise follow-on investments and succeed as leaders of industry. …

In 2020, SOSV invested in its 1,000th startup. In this series, SOSV GPs share insights on some lessons learned on the way, and the future of their sector.

  • Program names: Chinaccelerator, MOX
  • Program focus: Cross-border internet from the world to Asia & within Asia
  • First program year: 2010
  • Number of Investments to date: 218
  • SOSV GP (interviewed below): William Bao Bean

How would you describe the focus of Chinaccelerator and MOX?

WBB: We’re cross-border internet. Chinaccelerator was the first accelerator to start in SOSV. We started in 2010, and 2020 is our 10th anniversary. We’re toward the end of our batch 18. What we focus on with cross-border internet is helping companies from all around the world and especially Asia go cross border to Asia and within Asia. Chinaccelerator invests in companies focused on selling to enterprises across…

Forbes released its annual 30 under 30 list, detailing innovators making waves across the globe. Seven HAX founders made the cut this year, working on everything from making mines safer, to making fashion more sustainable.

Lucas Frye, 28, and Joseph Varikooty, 24 | Cofounders of Amber Agriculture

Lucas Frye, who received a bachelor’s in agricultural economics and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Joey Varikooty, a 2018 Thiel Fellow who dropped out of the same school, founded Amber Agriculture to help farmers monitor and manage their crops with sensors. Its core technology is a wireless, kernel-like sensor that can flow with grain throughout the supply chain. By detecting moisture or incorrect temperatures, Chicago-based Amber (which has raised $2 million in funding) helps farmers protect grain from spoilage and capture high prices.

At any given moment, Skyscanner is running hundreds of experiment permutations on its websites, serving over 60 markets all over the world. The company hit 100 million monthly users in late 2019, having been acquired by Ctrip for £1.4 billion (US$1.74 billion) in 2016. Skyscanner’s growth culture is well celebrated and documented: the Medium blog of its engineering team has over 2,500 followers; with articles such as “Fostering a culture of experimentation” and the on-going series titled Chasing Statistical Ghosts in Experimentation.

Instrumental to its culture is Yara Paoli, Skyscanner’s former Vice President of Growth. Paoli helped scale the company…


We run startup accelerators HAX (hardware), IndieBio (life sciences), Chinaccelerator/MOX (cross-border internet), and dlab (blockchain).

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